Berkley offers sneak peak at new bait

Some secrets are too good to keep and Berkley felt its new PowerBait MaxScent Chigger Craw fits that premise. A popular flipping bait and jig trailer, the Chigger Craw has existed for many years in the original PowerBait family, which features flavor infusion that encourages fish to hold onto the bait.

Berkley recently added the Chigger Craw to its MaxScent line, thereby complementing that fish-friendly flavor with a strong dose of irresistible aroma. With a few new color options, the enhanced Chigger Craw also features more active arms.

The line expansion will officially be announced in July at ICAST, but Berkley sent a few packs to pro staffers fishing the Classic. Among them, John Cox immediately recognized this bolstered bait as something that could impact his Classic strategy.

“I got these baits the night before (Wednesday’s) practice day, on my first flip, when I pulled it out of the bush, I was amazed by the action,” Cox said. “The original PowerBait Chigger Craw had great action and everybody loved it, but this one is incredible.

“When you throw it out and you feel it coming back through the water, it’s mind-blowing. I had two packs and I went through both packs in practice. I had to get two more packs. That’s what I’m going to start with.”