Benton starting down lake

It’s goooooood to be back!

Drew Benton, a local favorite at the 2020 DeWalt Bassmaster Elite at Lake Eufaula, began his day within supposed eyeshot of the Walter F. George dam.

I say “supposed” because it’s foggy, and you can’t see the dam yet, but we’re probably a half-mile up on the Georgia side.

While this lake isn’t his home lake, it’s close. He built his career in Seminole, which is the next impoundment below Eufaula. So he knows Chattahoochee largemouth.

Benton started out alternating between a winding bait and something vertical, but nothing yet. He just said he needs sunlight, which is coming for sure. Later this morning and for the rest of the week, the rain chances dissipate and hot sunny weather returns.

He told me last night he’s catching plenty of fish, even during the heat of the day, but he was unsure if the pattern he is on will compete on Championship Saturday.

Of course they all sandbag on is media types before things kick off, and I have no doubt Benton will catch them this week.