Benton gets a limit

Drew Benton’s fourth move has resulted in his fourth keeper of the morning. Unfortunately they are the wrong size. The four skinny bass total 5 lbs. 4 oz., according to his last track.

Fish number four jumped off the hook just as Benton was swinging it on board. Fortunately it landed inside the boat, and he was able to keep it.

Just now he tightened up on his fifth bass, and this looks to be the best of the day. With a limit in the livewell, he can settle down and try to upgrade his catch.

Benton and his partner estimated the last fish to weigh 2 1/4 pounds. We believe he is underguessing the weight of these fish, and might have 10 pounds in the boat. That would move him closer to seventh place than eighth.

A minute ago, Benton landed his sixth keeper but quickly tossed it into the water without even measuring. It weighed at least one and a half pounds, so he needs to catch something 2 or better to cull up.

He will need to double the weight of his limit before the day is out if he wants to fish tomorrow, and he does.