Bass Pro Shops stop

We went to Bass Pro Shops this morning. Dad needed some fishing stuff. I wanted some warmer clothes. It’s been cold here.

We didn’t spend much time there, but we get what we needed. I bought a knit cap with a bill. It’s stylish and functional. It will keep my head warm on these chilly mornings. It will also keep the sun out of my eyes.

I think I saw Michael Iaconelli wearing a cap like this on TV when he fished the Bassmaster Classic at the Red River. I also bought a white fleece jacket.

After we drove back to Oneida Lake, I stayed at camp. I let dad go out to fish by himself. I think he needs some time to cut loose and not be concerned about me catching fish.

I had a lot of work to do at camp. It rained all night. Lots of our stuff got wet, including the firewood. Oh well, no campfire tonight.

When dad came back from the lake, we went to a fish fry that Jonathon VanDam had invited us to. He’s sharing a rented house with three other guys that are fishing the Oneida Lake tournament. Frank Scalish came, too. I was the only girl there, but I don’t think I cramped anyone’s style. There was lots of joking, ribbing and fishing stories. I never stopped laughing.

A guy named Brian Schram was trying to talk everyone into going to karaoke night at a local restaurant. The guys staying at the house were seriously thinking about it. Scalish was tempted, but was old enough to know better.

Dad and I declined. It would have been fun, but we have to get up early and fish one last day before the tournament begins.

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