Back on the water

Laurie Tisdale and I took a break from watching fishermen to watch and photograph a group of volunteers participating in the B.A.S.S. Nation Cleanup of Lake Guntersville.

About 40 volunteers picked up trash and debris from along the shoreline in the Scottsboro and Goose Pond area. Most of the volunteers were high school anglers and they gathered a couple of pick up loads of trash. What a great project.

Now we’re back on the water trying to locate some of the top anglers. We watched Hank Cherry catch a fish and cull up by a few ounces.

We also stayed with Chris Zaldain for several minutes, watching him fly down the bank fishing a reaction bait of some sort. Next we found Matt Herren, another of the leaders, pitching to grass not far off the main channel. After a few pitches and no fish, he took off on a long run that we decided not to take.

Currently we are watching John Crews and his Missile Baits boat. He’s in the vicinity of several other anglers, and none of them that we can see are catching fish.

Time is ticking away on the second day of competition here, but the Elite anglers remain methodical,even painfully slow, in their presentations.