Argentinean doves beware!

Today is the day that we (Little Alton and I) leave from Dallas and head to Argentina for our dove hunt. I’m hoping I won’t be so excited that I can’t sleep on the plane, because it’s a long flight from DFW to Argentina. We’ll be flying to Santiago, Chile, first then catching a different flight across the Andes Mountains into Argentina. When we wake up tomorrow, it’ll be wintertime, which will be nice treat. The wing shooting will be a treat, too. But another thing I’m really looking forward to is what we’re going to be doing along the way.

We went toy shopping yesterday and bought a bunch of toys, mainly small things so we could fit a lot of them in our bags. We did this because as we drive to the resort where we’ll be hunting, there are several villages and we’d like to give out toys and candy to the children on the way so that they can enjoy some of the simple things that we get to enjoy. You bet I’ll have some photos from that trip next week.

I’ve got some other fun things going on, too. We got a nice invite from Scott Drew, Baylor’s head basketball coach, to come and watch one of the Bears’ practices. It wasn’t an open practice; it was just us and the Baylor Basketball team. We got to spend about an hour with the team in the arena. 

The photo is of my daughter, Jamie, (who’s a good player herself) taking advantage of the 15 minutes we had to shoot around before the Bears came out to practice.

 Jamie will be playing for a local private school, and we got to work on her free throws. It was really cool to be able to do it in a Big 12 arena like that. I was going to show her a few slam dunks but then I remembered that I’m 48 years old, and then I remembered that I couldn’t do it when I was 20, so I stuck with my better judgment and stayed grounded.

But it was great to see some of the new freshman talent that Baylor has been recruited and meet some of them as well. That got me ramped up for basketball season.

When we get back from Argentina, I’m going to be a part of Skeeter Boats’ dealer meeting, which will be here in Texas this year. That’s always a fun time because I get to meet with some of our dealers from around the country as well as see what’s on the slate for 2012. I’ll have an update on that next week, if there’s any earth shaking news.

The dove hunt to Argentina is not the only dove hunt I’ve got planned. Here in Texas, we have our own share of doves, so I’ve got a white wing hunt planned. We’ll get about 10 or 15 guys from here in central Texas and have a cast and blast in south Texas. We’ll fish Falcon Lake in the morning and hunt doves in the afternoons. Stay tuned for more on that. It’s going to be a great time for all involved. There are so many things happening right now, and fortunately, they’re all on the fun side!

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