Arey: "Weather trumps the moon"

It's prime spawning time in Florida and the moon is full today. But Saturday's results didn't produce the numbers you might expect under such conditions.

"Guys say full moon this and full moon that," noted Matt Arey. "But the biggest thing I look at is the weather. Weather trumps the moon any day of the week, especially in this state. These fish don't like cold water."

That was apparent in the totals from Saturday. Only 44 of the 88 anglers weighed five-bass limits. Five anglers zeroed, including Brandon Lester, and six anglers weighed only one fish, including Chris Zaldain and Brandon Cobb. Even the guys who looked good in the Day 1 standings didn't leave the St. Johns River with much confidence.

"I'm prepared to put my head down and fish for five bites," said Arey, who is in 10th place with 16-2. "Right now, as stingy as this river has been, I'd be happy with a limit (today)."

Expect to see some big swings in the standings today, when the field will be cut to the top 20 for Monday's final.