Arey showing early patience

Matt Arey has three in the box this morning that go in the ballpark of five pounds. The Toyota Pro caught his first fish on a topwater presentation and his second and third bass fell victim to the always reliable shakey head. 

Arey’s showing some patience early. He admitted his fish didn’t come yesterday until almost 10:30am but his Ranger livewell was full by noon; therefore, he’s ahead of schedule today. 

His shakey head worm of choice came compliments of his good friend and travel partner, Scott Canterbury. “Canterbury told me before the tournament this was the color to throw here (Scuppernong) and I guess he’s right. I’m getting bites on it.” 

Arey continues to mine an area he’s worked each day looking for another solid bite. “We haven’t had to measure any yet,” said Arey. “That’s a good thing so far!”