Arey: "I can't believe I did that"

We talked about those ‘what-could-have-been’ moments earlier today.

Matt Arey lost a 7-pounder right off the bat. He fought through that fairly well and has moved to the top of the leaderboard, even holding the lead for a while.

Moments ago, He has another of those memories that will last a long time.

With only four fish in the well and just 2-pounds out of the lead he had another blow up on his frog. As luck or circumstance would have it, there was a light piece of grass right next to the frog when the fish bit. The frog disappeared, the grass stayed there. Arey thought the grass was his frog until the line was 10 feet away from that spot. By the time he realized what has happened, it was too late.

That took place about 5 minutes ago. And as of finish typing this Arey is still loudly proclaiming “I can’t believe I did that.”

If is close to winning this by the end of the day and comes up short, these will be the words rolling through his mind for a long time.