Approaching the midway point

We are approaching the midway point of this final day and it’s starting to look like we expected in terms of weight.

There are 5 or 6 guys who are poised to change the outcome of this event. And it could happen any minute.

Obviously Seth Feider is in the driver’s seat. He’s got a couple of 3-pounders that could be replaced to distance himself. A big one and he really does it.

Then there’s Brandon Palaniuk breathing down his neck. Like Feider he has some 3-pounders to get rid of.

Following them is Jamie Hartman, who you know will finish his limit. He has four for about 13 pounds with some 2-pound class fish in his well. He gets on a flurry and he’s back in the driver’s seat. He has a lot of room to grow fast. He just finished his limit and is within ounces.

Then there’s Jason Williamson who is out of sight. Out of service. And we expect he has the largest bag of the day. He’s right there with Hartman now.

Mix in Koby Kreiger who is almost 8-pounds off the pace. He only has three at the moment and his next two could put him within ounces of the rest.

Plus Mullins who has a peculiar lock on catching more than 19 pounds every day.

From this point forward 4-plus pounders will be the stars of the show. They will be the deciders. And they will show up as sure as the wind will blow.