Another day of adjustments

Every angler in today's Top 12 will tell you he's had to adjust to changing conditions the three previous days to make the final cut. And today is going to be another day to adjust. The brisk northeast wind is signalling that. It's currently blowing at 13 miles per hour with gusts to 20. It's predicted to gradually diminish into single digits this afternoon, but that will still be a contrast to yesterday's calm winds.

Saturday presented perfect weather for catching St. Lawrence River smallmouth bass. It was reflected in the number of 20-pound bags weighed - 13 in a 51-angler field, the same as Friday when all 109 men were fishing.

"(Saturday) was real calm and it changed directions (from Friday) 180 degrees," said Kevin VanDam, the tournament leader every day so far. "It slowed things down. It's a lot easier to fish when it's like that. If you look at the weights, they're a lot better for everybody."

Today? Not so much. So this will be a test as to who can make the best adjustments - again.