The animated Elites: Chesapeake

Last time I treated you to a ridiculous amount of animated gifs of Lake Guntersville. Here's one a bit more recent. I spent a good deal of time on the water, covering Chad Pipkens, Bill Lowen and Gerald Swindle. As I explained last time, I got back to B.A.S.S. HQ, plugged in my removable hard drive, and sent them up to Google. Here's a sample of the auto-created animated pictures that came out of it. 

Chad had a monster Day 2, but this day, Day 3, was not so good for him. He targeted marinas near the takeoff site in North East, Maryland. 

He was one of many anglers who hopscotched their way through a set of spots that all had found, and all thought could produce. 

Skeet Reese was one of those as well. 

I left Chad and Skeet to find the guy who had the hot hand on Days 3 and 4, Bill Lowen. 

Unfortunately, he only caught a few small fish after I arrived. Nothing Google thought worthy of creating a gif over. 

Day 4 presented a new challenge, and a new location.

We were tasked with following this guy:

Gerald Swindle. Sometimes Gerald goes fast.

So he can get to the backwaters he found and slow down. 

This remote backwater was so shallow and fragile, that no boat could enter with Gerald for fear of spooking his prey. All of these photos were on foot, and in the woods. There was another danger lurking nearby that will present itself, as well. 

Gerald fished under some train tracks into the pond, and under a pipeline that led to an area he deemed too shallow to enter. 

Sometimes it required a little footwork to keep his boat in the right position. 

Gerald would find a small limit in here, and upgrade on the main river later.

This was a weird, wonderful area, and required a completely different mindset than following someone on a boat. I had to determine where I could go to get any picture at all. It was pretty tough but definitely worth the trouble. 

Also, and this was an important thing to be aware of, there were extremely fast high speed trains whizzing right past us. Kids, don't do this at home. Adults don't do it either. 

All in all, this was a great event and I hope you enjoyed another animated look at the Elite Series.