Anglers talk about Day 1 on Chickamauga

Matt Lee says the largemouth are in transition, mostly in postspawn phase. Watch what he predicts will happen this week at Lake Chickamauga
Shaw Grigsby was boat #1 for Day 1 at Lake Chickamauga. Watch his take on what’s going on with the largemouth.
Clay Dyer is finding lots of bass, everywhere, and he plans to begin his day on the shallow side.
No surprise that Charlie Hartley has been fishing at Lake Chickamauga since he left Houston and the Bassmaster Classic.
John Garrett, the Carhartt Bassmaster College Series champion, lives on the other side of the Tennessee River at Kentucky Lake. Here’s what he thinks will happen at Lake Chickamauga.
Hunter Shryock is in the hunt for a big bite this week at Chickamauga. Here’s his game plan for the week.