Admiration and pride

I have two opposing thoughts on a day like this.

One is you have to admire those willing to take the risk while getting pummeled by wind and waves. It takes a set to eat that and fight toward a goal. It’s the American way.

The other side of me, the one who has eaten his share of waves and rollers and has the back pain as a reminder is proud of those who decided that staying in the river is the better part of valor.

That’s what happens when you reach a certain age. Natural aches and pains along with memories overshadow hopes and dreams.

It’s why I’m overly impressed with Wendlandt. Of the three in the lake, he’s reaching that age where Advil is a daily routine.

I said it a day or so and will say it again. Whoever wins this, regardless if they are in the lake or river, will have fought the fight of their careers and pulled off an incredible game plan.

That’s the American way as well. And playing out in front of us today.