The 4-pound shuffle

Chris Zaldain has just finished his limit. This one goes in the well at 2-pounds and it appeared to be a legitimate 2 pounds. 

According to BassTrakk that gives him 12 pounds and change, which is closer to accurate than the 8 pounds with four fish he showed earlier.

He’s now 2-pounds away from the lead, sitting in sixth. And everyone above him has tightened up this thing in a big way.

Austin Felix caught a 5-pounder and sits atop the board. 

Destin DeMarion sits in second with one close to 4- pounds. There’s only been two 4-pound class fish recorded at this point. Obviously the bite has shifted and with that shift is a focus on where the next 4-pounder comes from.

Any of those is the Top 6 and the leaderboard shuffles. So the rest of the day will be all about the 4-pound shuffle.