2nd hour showed up in big way

The second hour of this derby did show up and in a big way.

If you were watching Chad Pipkens then you saw a big piece of that. Pipkens is back in the lead and likely won’t relinquish it today. But if someone took it from him, what an incredible story.

It could happen if the fishing continues to get exponentially better. Earlier we talked about the drop off from the first hour of Day 2 as compared to Day 1.

Hour two, though, really showed out. In the 1-hour span between 8 and 9, the Elite anglers caught 108 keepers as opposed to 85 on Day 2. That puts both days in a basic neck-and-neck race between the two hours, with 164 fish in the first two hours on Day 1 and 165 in that time span on Day 2. We will let the third hour be the tiebreaker and see if Day 2’s momentum keeps going.