Keepin' it reel with Fat Cat Newton

If you fish and spend any time on social media, you’re probably familiar with Fat Cat Newton. He's a mountain man from Virginia who’s known for his silly, lighthearted, often self-deprecating sense of humor.

Although not for everyone, Fat Cat’s online antics have earned him a strong and loyal following. His Facebook, Instagram and YouTube videos attract big numbers of viewers — all curious as to what he’ll come up with next.

Normally I shy away from internet personalities, especially those trying to make a name for themselves through outrageous behavior. But Fat Cat is different. His humor is clean, and it delivers a message … a message of humility — something this sport could use more of.

Sometimes we take ourselves too seriously. Through levity, he knocks those full of themselves off their pedestals … me included.

Alley cat beginnings

Fat Cat Newton was born on Sept. 1, 1978 in White Oak, Va., into a humble family of commercial fishermen. His dad and uncles harvested blue crabs and catfish from the Potomac River, and he says much of his childhood was spent with them on the water.

“When I was 5 or 6 years old, I’d go with Uncle 'Froggy' Newton, calling out crab pot numbers as he worked his line. In the evenings, I’d be back on the water with my pops catching catfish and white perch.”

Cat and a childhood buddy use to dream about having their own tackle shop, wanting to call it “Fat Cat’s.” Much later, when he decided to develop a character for social media, he took that name.