'Hook week' in Daytona


The Plaza Resort & Spa is one of the oldest, grandest hotels on Daytona Beach ... perfect for an antique tackle show.

Mention Daytona to any gearhead, and two monumental events immediately come to mind — Bike Week and Race Week.

But for fishing tackle collectors with a different set of gears in mind, there is the Daytona International Antique Tackle Show — what some of us jokingly refer to as “Hook Week.”

One of the biggest events of its kind, this extraordinary antique tackle show falls directly between Race Week and Bike Week. And it’s no less taxing on the staff of the host hotel — The Plaza Resort & Spa.

History in the making

The Plaza is one of the oldest hotels on Daytona Beach, and it serves as the perfect backdrop for a vintage tackle show. Its décor is reminiscent of an earlier time, when women wore bloomers and car races were held on the beach instead of a billion-dollar raceway.

Its architecture and look have been carefully preserved, and that is what makes it so perfect. There’s something about looking at old lures, rods and reels with the Atlantic Ocean in full view through the large showroom windows … with a hint salt in the air.

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