A calm day at Blue Water Bay


Our motley crew. (L-R) Me, Byron Terwillegar, Flip Pallot and Glen Lau.

The longer I’m in this business, the more I realize it’s less about the fish and more about the people.

Recently, I had the chance to catch up with several individuals who not only had a major impact on my life and career, but the sport in general.

Among them are noted fly and inshore saltwater authority Flip Pallot, award-winning videographer Glen Lau, and one of my very first sponsors — Byron Terwillegar.

We met at Byron’s Blue Water Bay restaurant in Melrose, Fla. — a small lakeside community west of the St. Johns River. About all you’ll see in this single-traffic-light town is a country grocer, a few curio shops and Byron’s place … yet “The Bay” is considered  the destination for culinary types throughout the region.

Hidden away from the more developed parts of the state, Melrose retains the look and feel of Old Florida. It served as our ideal getaway.

Meeting of the minds

We had no real agenda other than sharing a meal and a few war stories. And, as expected, the food and the dialogue were equally satisfying. 

The conversation ranged from hunting and fishing, to conservation, and to families and long-lost friends. I eavesdropped as Flip shared his hunting exploits with Glen and son David Lau. It was like listening to a favorite uncle tell a story. I was captivated.