Bassmaster Team Championship

Tuma and Walls win on Woman Lake

We had an unbelievable Woman Lake Tournament in northern Minnesota for the team trail this past weekend. We had 15 bags over 20lbs on a 5 fish limit and one monster bag from Keith Tuma (2022 Bassmaster Classic Qualifier through the Harris Chain Opens Series) and Andy Walls that weighed 27.18lbs (All Smallmouth) they also had a kicker smallmouth that weighed 6.73lbs. Hard to imagine having a mid-summer tournament where 20 lbs wouldn’t even cash you a check on a 50 boat field on a lake that is only 5,000 acres big. We believe that Woman Lake is perhaps the best smallmouth lake in our state right now that isn’t one of the great lakes. Right now it is showing out better than Mille Lacs. Keith Tuma and Andy Walls have already qualified for our Team of the year race on the team trail and have punched their ticket to go to Eufaula in December for the Bassmaster Team Championship.