Beginner’s Gear: Eagle Claw Snell Hook

What sets it apart? 

Young and new anglers need equipment and tackle that is easy to use, and that will work to catch fish. A good hook, in the correct size, and the ability to easily connect to the main line is very important. An Eagle Claw Plain Shank Snell Hook is the go-to for beginners and experienced anglers alike. For smaller species such as panfish and trout, as well as bigger fish like bass and pike, this hook will get it done. They are available in 11 sizes ranging from the smallest, a No. 1 to the largest 3/0 for bigger fish. Similarly, you can purchase in quantities of six or 24.

How do I use it? 

Geared with 7 inches of monofilament leader, a snell knot is tied to the hook to increase hook up ratio, and a loop at the other end makes it convenient for tying to any line. Simply tie whichever line you are using to the small looped monofilament line and pair with a sinker. The barbed hook works well in keeping bait attached and helps to ensure fish stay hooked.

How much? 


Where to buy:

Keep it simple: 

Anglers can quickly tie a variety of knots to the loop and get to fishing. Practicing different knots and rigging different baits while fishing is a good way to keep kids engaged and interested while waiting for a bite. Go over the features of the hook and explaining why barbs are important to keeping fish hooked while landing them. The variety of sizes available for the Eagle Claw Plain Shank Snell Hook make them a great option when targeting a variety of different species.