Beginner’s Gear: Berkley Trilene XL

What is it? 

Berkley Trilene XL

What sets it apart? 

Berkley Trilene has been the go-to fishing line for both beginner and avid anglers for years, and the XL Series is now both stronger and smoother than ever before. Available in 11 different line sizes – ranging from 2- to 30-pound test – there is a size for everyone. The Berkley Trilene Monofilament line is designed to resist kinks and twists.

How do I use it? 

For young anglers, it is important to have a fishing line that makes it easier to cast. Trilene XL is a very good option that will not break the bank. Relied on for years by beginners and professional anglers, the quality still holds true today. As expected, a line that has been popular for so long, casting and pitching is no problem. It can be spooled on both spinning and casting rods with any technique.

How much? 


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Keep it Simple: 

Beginner anglers need easy to-use-gear — spinning rods, easy and effective tackle, and line that is easy to tie — the Trilene XL offers superior knot strength and monofilament is one of the easiest lines to tie and fish with. For beginner anglers with spinning gear, look for 6- or 8-pound test to start, and increase the size as needed. Smaller diameter line will cast better with less twists and kinks and works well for a variety of different baits.

Tournament angler Kristine Fischer offers some advice on choosing the right line for your fishing trip. Watch the video on