Knot tying tips from Florida's FWC


An angler's knot is one of the most critical components to getting the fish in the boat.

A knot is the weakest link in that fragile connection between angler and fish: the line. Who hasn’t reeled in a slack line following a violent strike or strong battle only to find the telltale curl of a slipped knot awaiting them at the end? The wrong tie can even cut a line’s strength in half. Thankfully, knowledge of only a few basic and easy knots will suffice most anglers for a lifetime of successful fishing.

Improved clinch knot

This is the angler’s most basic tie, useful for connecting monofilament to hook or lure.

1. Begin by passing the tag end (free end) of the line through the eye of the lure or hook. Next wrap the tag end around the standing end of the line at least five times. Fewer turns will allow the knot to slip. If necessary, use more turns for thick-wire eyes to prevent slipping.