Beginner's Gear: Zebco 33 Spincast combo

What sets it apart? 

The Zebco rod-and-reel combos have been a staple for teaching kids and beginners how to fish since 1959. Since then, some 60 years later, the new versions have been available in different themes pertaining to kids – but the message is still the same: Zebco is dedicated to get kids excited about fishing. The same trusted combo that you may have learned to fish with is still the go-to combo for teaching the youth of today. The Zebco 33 Spincast Combo is extremely easy to cast, fish and land fish with. 

How do I use it? 

Designed with a larger gear ratio, your kids can cast it out and real them in quickly with 20% faster retrieve. They are sized perfect for the plentiful panfish population but will handle larger species. The smaller diameter line on this combo will allow for smoother casting and better sensitivity to improve the learning curve for new anglers. Pair it with a trusted bobber-and-crawler combination and head to your favorite pond.

How much? 


Where to buy:

Keep it simple: 

The Zebco 33 Spincast Combo features all metal gears, standard anti-reverse, an adjustable dial style drag system and a tested fiberglass rod perfect for any beginner. The reel can be adjusted for right- or left-hand retrieve, which allows kids to try casting and fishing with both hands to find which is the most comfortable. At a price that lets everyone get into the game, the combo is available in black, silver, and pink – colors that appeal to both boys and girls looking to learn about fishing. 

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