Beginner's Gear: Removable Split-Shot Sinker

What sets it apart? 

The Eagle Claw Removable Split-Shot Sinker is a reusable lead weight that comes in seven different sizes. Eagle Claw makes it easy to stock up on this tacklebox staple by offering bulk packages, variety packs and smaller, more manageable tacklebox friendly packs. The iconic split design makes it easy to change the weight of your rig without retying.

How do I use it? 

This sinker is simple to use because it is made of lead which makes it easy to add or remove weight. Split shot can be added on a straight live bait rig, under a bobber, or any situation where your rig needs extra weight to reach to deeper depths or sink faster in windy conditions. A split-shot rig with a small soft plastic or livebait worm is a great finesse technique for beginner anglers.

How much? 


Where to buy:

Keep it simple: 

Just about every fisherman has used removable split-shot weights in their tacklebox. You can't beat the convenience of being able to quickly add or remove weight from a rig to match the conditions of the water at any time. Removable split-shot weights are a staple for beginners and kids just getting into fishing. With many sizes, quantities and variety packs available, there is one for every angler of all skill levels.

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