Beginner's Gear: Rapala Mechanical Scale

What sets it apart? 

The Rapala 25-pound Mechanical Scale is perfect to have in that beginner tacklebox. The ability to have both a scale and a tape measure in one small unit will ensure you are not over packed. It will work for fish up to 25 pounds and the weigh hook is durable and easy to use. The scale requires no batteries as it is mechanically calibrated and has a 32-inch retractable measuring tape.

How do I use it? 

When you get a fish that is worthy of being weighed, getting a proper length and weight is always fun. Knowing how big of a fish they caught is fun for kids and makes for good stories in the future. Simply hang a worthy fish from the hook and watch the mechanical scale read the weight. The measuring tape is quick and convenient to get a length of the fish, and then be quickly released back into the water after a photo.

How much? 


Where to buy:

Keep it simple: 

Most of the time a scale may not be necessary for smaller panfish, but keeping track of the length of species caught will make for a memorable moment for all anglers alike. Having the ability to weigh and measure a fish with one small tool will eliminate the need to pack extra gear. With the ability to handle fish up to 25 pounds, it will cover almost everything that you may catch.

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