Beginner's Gear: Ego Floating Bait and Shell Net

What is it?  

Ego Floating Bait and Shell Net 

What sets it apart?  

Although undersized for quality bass or other larger fish, the Ego Bait and Shell Net is the perfect net for beginner anglers who may be targeting smaller panfish or trout. The 8-inch square net is 8 inches deep and doubles as a net that can be used for baitfish and crawfish.  

How do I use it?  

Not only does it float, giving you extra protection against the net falling off the dock and sinking to the bottom, it is small and easy for anglers of any age to use. Measuring in a about 18-inches, the Bait and Shell Net is available in several colors – orange, blue, green, pink and purple – perfect for any young angler. 

How much?  


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Keep It Simple:  

This net will not only teach beginner anglers about the tools needed for a fishing trip to their favorite lake, but it gives them something that can be used for multiple practices. Wading in the water and scooping up small bait fish, minnows and crawfish is a fun thing that works well in between fishing trips or when the fishing is slow. Check out larger nets for bigger fish, but don’t forget the Ego Bait and Shell Net for all the trips to the river, pond or lake.  

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