BASS: The Bad

Editors' note: Over the next three days, will be rehashing 2007, highlighting the good, bad and ugly stories in these three categories: bassmaster, hunting and fishing.

The end of the BASS Majors

When BASS announced their schedule for2008, there were three noticable ommisions: the Legends, Memorial and American — also known as the Majors.

There was mixed reaction among the anglers, but as a fan, it's dissapointing to see the big three go down.

"That's a bummer," said Fred Roumbanis, who has a soft spot for the three Major tournaments because he won the $250,000 first-prize in this year's American.

"Last year I didn't really make any money," he said. "By having a no entry fee three tournaments, it gives you something to look forward to. I really thought it was a cool thing, regardless if I won or not."

Other anglers reached right after the announcement were similarly disappointed to see the rich Majors, for which anglers did not have to pay entry fees, go by the wayside.

But they, like BASS, emphasized the changes for 2008 that stand to benefit anglers. For one, BASS will dole out an extra $400,000 among the top 50 finishers in the Angler of the Year standings, up from $601,000 now. And anglers next year will fish all tournament days with their own boats, whereas BASS now provides sponsored boats on the final day of competition.

Given the option, said angler Chris Lane, "I would have taken the boat, no questions asked. In Majors, it's a crapshoot. With your boat, you can sell it and it's done and that money is there all year."