Everest catches a good one in Kerr during practice

During a practice session at Kerr, nestled within the twists of the Arkansas River, Richard Everest secures a formidable bass, setting the stage for an exciting tournament ahead.

Richard Everest’s exploration of Kerr, located along the Arkansas River, uncovers a unique angling spot that offers an array of opportunities for competition. This area is characterized by a complex maze of fish habitat and structure, including rockpiles, submerged timber, shallow flats, and more, creating an environment where bass behavior can significantly differ from more predictable, stable waters found in larger lakes​.

The fishing dynamics at Kerr are influenced by these varied underwater structures, necessitating a flexible approach to lure selection and techniques. Anglers find success with strategies tailored to the specific conditions of the day, from shallow running crankbaits for bass lurking near brush to deeper tactics for those around drop-offs and ledges​​.

Furthermore, Kerr Lake supports a diverse fish population with no limits on certain species like spotted bass. The reservoir’s vast shoreline and multiple inlets and coves provide an ideal setting for fishing, with the possibility of encountering everything from largemouth to smallmouth bass. Kerr presents a remarkable backdrop for both seasoned and novice anglers looking to make their mark.