How Aaron Martens gets self-inflicted headaches

Aaron Martens said he concentrates so hard sometimes when he's fishing that he actually gives himself a headache.

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Aaron Martens sometimes thinks so hard when he's competing that he gives himself a headache.

"I do," said Martens when everyone around him laughed. "I really get headaches from it!"

The 2013 Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year doesn't simply answer fan questions when he is the guest of a B.A.S.S. Twitter chat. He entertains.

The seasoned Bassmaster pro gets questions ranging from his fitness regimen to his cat's temperament to his infamous record — four runner-up finishes in the Bassmaster Classic.

When a writer asked him about that potentially touchy subject, Martens just laughed:

"Do you think you need a Classic title to cement your legacy in the sport?"

"No, I think multiple seconds do just the same!"

Below is the transcript from the lively chat. You can also read transcripts from other Bassmaster Elite Series pros here. Plus, see photos of his visit to the B.A.S.S. headquarters here.

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Welcome @AMartFishing to the #basschat and congratulations on winning Angler of the Year!

Aaron Martens@AMartFishing

Thanks! I always love coming to the B.A.S.S. office! 


Michele @me_eichstead

What does a day in the life of Aaron Martens look like in the off season? 

Aaron Martens@AMartFishing

A lot of short fishing days and a lot of hiking. 


Cara Clark@caradclark

Is the second AOY win as sweet as the first in 2005? 

Aaron Martens@AMartFishing

It's sweeter because it's my second one. Getting two is always better than one. Maybe the third one will be even sweeter. 


Joel Ede@KCOPodcast

I'm heading out to some secluded ponds for some bass/crappie fishing. Any tips for late season/colder temps? is it too late? #thx

Aaron Martens@AMartFishing

It's never too late! If the water is about 37 degrees in winter you can throw fast-moving baits for a reaction strike. 


Brandon Preece@BrandonPreece6

How many hours a day and how many days this year have you put in? 

Aaron Martens@AMartFishing

Hours a day on average: 12 hours on days I fish. At that pace, probably 200 days a year. 


Simms Fishing@simmsfishing

Congratulations, Aaron, on the AOY.  We are proud to be on your team.  And we love your awesome product feedback.  Here's to #3! 

Aaron Martens@AMartFishing

Thanks @simmsfishing! Looking forward to coming back to Bozeman! 


Justin Lundborg@JustinLundborg

Just wanted to take a second to congratulate @AMartFishing on his AOY title - truly the greatest feat in bass fishing to me. 

Aaron Martens@AMartFishing

Thank you! I agree but I still want that Classic win! 


Jacob Foutz@JacobFoutz

How do you find productive ledges? 

Aaron Martens@AMartFishing 

First of all, sonar and a lot of hours graphing. A lot of times it comes out to trial and error. Graph, fish, graph, fish - basically.