2013 Elite Series Plano Championship Chase Lake St. Clair/Detroit River - Detroit, MI, Aug 22 - 25, 2013

Lane looking forward to home waters for Classic

Chris Lane thinks that fishing the 2014 Bassmaster Classic at home on Lake Guntersville will be both challenging and fun.

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Chris Lane was one of the most excited pros on the Bassmaster Elite Series tour when it was announced last fall that the 2014 Bassmaster Classic would be right in his backyard — on Alabama's Lake Guntersville.

And he was one of the most anxious pros on tour as the 2013 Bassmaster Elite Series season was coming to a close and he was not among the qualifiers.

The fire that was within him, though, propelled him to a win on a lake far, far from home. When Lane won the Plano Championship Chase on the Detroit River, he took home not only a trophy, but also an invitation to fish the waters most dear to him on bass fishing's biggest stage.

Lane stopped by the B.A.S.S. offices today for a Twitter chat with fans. He is looking forward to fishing the Bassmaster Classic at his home lake but thinks it will be as challenging as it is fun. 

Read the transcript of the chat below. You can also read transcripts from previous chats with Elite Series pros here

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See photos from Lane's visit and twitter chat here


Bassmaster ‏@BASS_nation

Fans, @ChrisLaneFish is here and ready to take your questions!


Chris Lane Fishing ‏@ChrisLaneFish

I'm glad to be here, and I'm looking forward to answering a lot of questions!


Nick Morse ‏@morse_nick

What is your favorite lures for large & smallmouth bass (1 for each)

Chris Lane Fishing ‏@ChrisLaneFish

Smallmouth: Reaction bait because they're so aggressive. Largemouth: Flippin' style bait because it gets a big bite.


Craig Fowler ‏@craigkfowler

Best way to catch fish in muddy water right now?

Chris Lane Fishing ‏@ChrisLaneFish

Spinnerbait and a Luck-E-Strike shallow running crankbait, or flipping Fast Lane Tube in chartreuse.

Craig Fowler ‏@craigkfowler

Appreciate it.


Aaron Anders ‏@AJPAnders

Hey - Biggest tip for guys fishing Erie this weekend?

Chris Lane Fishing ‏@ChrisLaneFish1h

Be careful in the Miracle Mile & don't try for largemouth! Biggest tip: Be careful. It can get very rough & dangerous.


Spotmonkey ‏@sptmnky

Which would you rather fish for: Shark or Bass (for fun, not a competition) Good Luck in the Classic!

Chris Lane Fishing ‏@ChrisLaneFish

I do love catching shark. We've caught a lot of them down in the Everglades. Looking forward to the Classic.


Bobby Roberts ‏@BobRob13

Where do you search for bass first changing from summer to fall pattern?

Chris Lane Fishing ‏@ChrisLaneFish

Start in the mouth of the creeks & work toward the back


Bass Fishing Tips ‏@BassFishnTips

If limited to 5 rod/reel combos to fish entire season, what would they be?

Chris Lane Fishing ‏@ChrisLaneFish

1. Flippin stick rod w/ a Revo SX 2. All-Star spinnerbait rod w/ a Revo 3. Revo spinning reel w/ a All-Star drop shot rod 4. 7-1 Heavy with a Revo reel 5. 6-6 topwater rod with Revo reel

Bass Fishing Tips ‏@BassFishnTips

If limited to 5 lures to fish entire season, what would they be?

Chris Lane Fishing ‏@ChrisLaneFish

Luck E Strike crankbait, Fast Lane tube, @LuckEStrikeUSA jerkbait, worm and a topwater.