2011 Elite Series - Ramada All-Star Semi-Final
Lake Jordan - Wetumpka, AL, Jul 23 - 24, 2011

This just in! Squirrel finds nut

With 52 percent of precincts reporting, Kriet takes Region lead

Mike Suchan
Ike has been out kissing babies for All-Star Week votes. He for sure has the vote of his wife, Becky, as he dotes on Vegas.

This just in!

With 52 percent of precincts reporting, Jeff Kriet, aka The Squirrel, has taken the lead over Denny Brauer in Region 2.

Kriet possibly received some interest from some positive PR surrounding comments in this story on the best Elite never to win a pro event.

In other election news, John Crews has climbed into the Region 1 ring, pushing down Morizu Shimizu.

Crews made a campaign promise to his constituents that if voted in he would donate $25,000 to Tackle the Storm Foundation, a non-profit charity aimed at putting fishing tackle into the hands of kids affected by the spring tornadoes.

“I will also donate $5 per pound of bass that I weigh during the competition. In other words, if I get in All-Star Week, the kids will benefit,” Crews said.

Russ Lane, who won last year in the first event on Lake Jordan, has seen a groundswell of support as well. He pulled into fifth in Region 3, possible on the strength of his pledge to donate $25,000 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Lane has taken over the fifth spot while David Walker supplanted Kotaro Kiriyama in fourth.

In Region 4, there has been a frog sighting. Dean Rojas is up into the top five, pushing out Takahiro Omori.

Newsflash: We have a late-breaking news from the Far East.

The latest vote tally shows Shimizu has climbed back in the Region 1 race, pushing out Charlie Hartley. Kiriyama has seen a surge and jumped past Walker and Lane in Region 3.

Omori has done the same in Region 4, leapfrogging Rojas.

Your votes are creating movement.

Here’s the latest tally:

Region 1 Region 2 Region 3 Region 4
Michael Iaconelli Jeff Kriet Aaron Martens Skeet Reese
Shaw E Grigsby Denny Brauer Timmy Horton Alton Jones
Bobby Lane Rick Clunn Greg Hackney Brandon Palaniuk
Morizo Shimizu Tommy Biffle Kotaro Kiriyama Takahiro Omori
John Crews Jonathon VanDam David Walker Ish Monroe


Election 2011 is heating up

Not the presidential election; it’s still rather early for that. Elite Series anglers are politicking to be nominated as Toyota Trucks All-Star Week Fan Favorites.

There are 91 Elites on the ticket, most all campaigning hard to be one of four chosen by the electorate – our readers -- for the postseason. The top eight in the Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Angler of the Year standings went in unopposed.

A caucus before the polls opened on June 21 showed strong support for perennial contenders Mike Iaconelli and Skeet Reese. Others in the straw poll said they favored the next four in the TTBAOY standings, while yet a grass-roots movement voiced desire to send local representatives to Montgomery.

The anglers have been partitioned into four regions, with voters allowed to stuff the ballot box once a day until July 10. The election winners will be announced July 13.

But preliminary results are in!

Well, the top five in each region.

With 50 percent of the precincts reporting, a constituent of voters are showing they like Ike. After a week, he leads Region 1 and might have a referendum, but Shaw Grigsby, Morizo Shimizu, Bobby Lane and Charlie Hartley are hot on his tail.

Denny Brauer tops a Region 2 ballot stacked with experience. Jeff Kriet, Rick Clunn and Tommy Biffle are garnering votes, while newcomer Jonathon VanDam seeks a more positive spin, as he's fifth.

In Region 3, it’s Aaron Martens, but no means by a landslide. Timmy Horton, Greg Hackney, Kotaro Kiriyama and David Walker follow and look for the swing vote.

So far, Reese is running like an incumbent, drawing a majority vote in Region 4. The distinguished gentleman from Texas, Alton Jones, is on the campaign trail. Behind them seeking a first-term is Elite rookie Brandon Palaniuk, Ish Monroe and Takahiro Omori.

Region 1 Region 2 Region 3 Region 4
Michael Iaconelli Denny Brauer Aaron Martens Skeet Reese
Shaw E Grigsby Jeff Kriet Timmy Horton Alton Jones
Morizo Shimizu Rick Clunn Greg Hackney Brandon Palaniuk
Bobby Lane Tommy Biffle Kotaro Kiriyama Ish Monroe
Charlie Hartley Jonathon VanDam David Walker Takahiro Omori


Tell us who you think deserves election in the comments section below.

And remember, keep voting. The polls don't close until July 10.