Paul Elias' 5 fave rods for fall

Paul Elias
Gary Tramontina
Paul Elias' five favorite rods are ideal for fast moving techniques.

Fall is a great time to be fishing because most of the bass are moving shallow, but there are still fish to be had in deeper water, say 12 to 14 feet. Plus, all of them are active.

About two years ago, several Elite Series pros — myself included — signed on with Pinnacle. I did it because I get to be involved with the design and development process of their rods. They’ve got the actions nailed down pretty well. I was specific with the crankbait rods, and I got what I wanted. I like the Perfecta series; they’re higher-end rods, but they’re what I would consider just right.

So here they are — my 5 favorite rods for fishing in fall.

No. 1: 7-6 light flipping stick

This rod has a medium-heavy action, and is for flipping 1/2-ounce jigs to points and ledges in shallower water. I’ll also get up and around docks and work them through there.

You need a rod like this to work a jig because it’s got a nice tip on it so you can cast it accurately, and it’s also got a decent backbone so you get a good hookset and can wrestle a bass out from cover.

No. 2: 6-6 medium-heavy

This rod is for throwing buzzbaits and spinnerbaits around the backs of creeks and pockets. This is where a lot of shad are, along with an equal number of bass. You can cover a lot of water with both of these baits. I like a 1/2-ounce Mann’s Classic spinnerbait and a homemade buzzbait.

This 6-6 rod is great for fast-moving baits because it’s got an action that’s slow enough to “feed” the fish the bait before you snatch it from him. Its short length allows me to make accurate casts.