Red Dirt Bait Co. Tunable Titanium Double Buzzbait

Red Dirt Bait Co. Tunable Titanium Double Buzzbait
Red Dirt Bait Co. Tunable Titanium Double Buzzbait

What is it?

Red Dirt Bait. Co. Tunable Titanium Double Buzzbait.

What does it do?

It does the buzzbait thing but at a much slower speed — if you want. It can also be burned.

Why do I need it?

If you’ve ever caught a bass on a buzzbait, you know that it’s some of the most exciting topwater fishing there is. Plus, by buying Red Dirt baits, you’re supporting an all-American company.

How do I use it?

Like any old buzzbait, but this thing has a speed that most don’t: creepin’. The yellow floats and counter-rotating blades let you really crawl this baby.

What sets it apart?

Three features set this buzzbait apart from others. First, the wire is made with 70% titanium. That means it’s super durable, and can even be tuned without ruining the wire. The second thing might be the most obvious, the double blades. They counter-rotate so the lure tracks straight while simultaneously giving it lift. Finally, the yellow teardrop-looking things on the arms are Styrofoam floats that offer even more lift so you can really crawl this thing across the water if the bass want a super slow presentation. Also, the bottom of the head is shaped like the bottom of a bass boat, which offers even more lift. You can also go on to Red Dirt Baits’ website and create your own skirt/blade/weight combo baits. If it’s in stock, Red Dirt will make it. The best part? They’re hand-assembled right here in America by American citizens who live in and around Fortville, Ind.

How much?


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