It's a wrap: Statistical look at Elite season

James Overstreet
The numbers add up to another title for KVD.

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Ken Duke

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With another season in the books, it's a good time to take a look at the numbers behind the 2011 Bassmaster Elite Series season.

We've got some records, some close calls and — with another season under our belts — an even better perspective on just how good these guys really are on the world's best bass tournament circuit.

You already know all the basics. Kevin VanDam won his seventh Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Angler of the Year award and an unprecedented fourth in a row. Ott DeFoe was the Rookie of the Year, and most of the 2012 Bassmaster Classic field is now in place.

Here are some numbers from 2011 you may not know.

"Most Bass Weighed In" is a statistic that tells you a lot about who was making cuts and catching limits. All the anglers on this list were doing both.

Most Bass Weighed In  
138 Kevin VanDam
124 Ott DeFoe
124 Edwin Evers
123 Terry Scroggins
123 Gerald Swindle
121 Aaron Martens
120 Davy Hite
119 Casey Ashley
119 Alton Jones
119 Chris Lane

If you're not weighing in a lot of bass, you're missing too many cuts. The shocker on this list is Derek Remitz, who was 12th in the AOY race last year. This year, he was 95th. Expect him to bounce back with a vengeance in 2012.

Fewest Bass Weighed In
47 Brent Broderick
57 Grant Goldbeck
61 Bradley Hallman
62 Chad Griffin
65 Derek Remitz

Like "Most Bass Weighed In," "Total Weight" is a good indicator of overall success, cuts made and limits caught. It's no surprise that KVD is on top ... again. His lead was almost 40 pounds over the second-best angler, Edwin Evers.

Total Weight
388-7 Kevin VanDam
350-10 Edwin Evers
347-8 Terry Scroggins
339-8 Alton Jones
328-12 Steve Kennedy
317-15 Ott DeFoe
317-12 Gerald Swindle
317-11 Davy Hite
312-7 Casey Ashley
305-0 Chris Lane

Here's a stat you might not have thought about a lot, but it's a telling one. The average Elite pro brings in about 4.5 bass per day out of a five-bass limit. No one limited every day they fished this year, but a few guys were close. These anglers were the best at bringing in a limit each day.

Fish Per Day
4.9600 Ott DeFoe
4.9565 Keith Combs
4.9500 Brent Chapman
4.9200 Gerald Swindle
4.9130 Michael Iaconelli
4.8571 John Crews
4.8400 Aaron Martens
4.8182 Randy Howell
4.8000 Davy Hite
4.7917 Denny Brauer

For what it's worth, KVD scored 4.7586. That's really good, of course, but his number was actually dragged down because he did so well at the tough tournaments where limits were hard to come by. For example, he fished all four days at the Arkansas River (finishing 10th), but only weighed two bass on each of the last two days. That pulled his average down even though he was one of the top anglers at the tournament. Ironically, had he missed the cut to fish on the third day at the Arkansas River, KVD's average would have been 4.9630, and he would have led this category!

And here's the list no one wants to be on:

Lowest Per Day
2.9375 Brent Broderick
3.1667 Grant Goldbeck
3.4444 Chad Griffin
3.5882 Bradley Hallman
3.7222 Boyd Duckett

This next stat is the weight of the average bass brought to the scales by an angler. The first name on the list might surprise you since Grant Goldbeck didn't have a stellar season. Nevertheless, Goldbeck's average bass weighed exactly 2-14, putting him on top of the list. He didn't catch many (just 57 all year), but he caught them early when weights were up. The rest of the list is made up of the usual suspects.

Heaviest Avg. Bass
2.8750 Grant Goldbeck
2.8529 Alton Jones
2.8276 Edwin Evers
2.8252 Terry Scroggins
2.8148 Kevin VanDam
2.7860 Steve Kennedy
2.7424 Shaw Grigsby
2.6971 Dean Rojas
2.6739 Keith Poche
2.6692 David Walker

Lightest Avg. Bass
1.7407 Brent Broderick
1.8383 David Smith
1.9236 Scott Ashmore
1.9342 Dennis Tietje
1.9811 Ryan Said

A lot of the pros who were on the "Lightest Average Bass" list were also high on the "Lowest Average Number of Bass Weighed In" list, and that makes sense. If you're not catching a lot of fish, you're not culling very often, and you don't have the chance to upgrade your catch. It's a vicious cycle.

Here are some obscure numbers that tell an important story. This is the list of the anglers who turned in the best performances on the first days of the Elite events. Steve Kennedy tops the list with a score of 1.6019. It means he was 60 percent better than the average angler on Day One.

Best on Day One
1.6019 Steve Kennedy
1.5769 Kevin VanDam
1.5109 Jared Lintner
1.4573 John Crews
1.4554 Dustin Wilks

Conversely, the following group dug a big hole for themselves on the first day of each event. Brent Broderick had the worst of it with a score of 0.5209. It means that on the first day of events he caught just 52 percent of what the average Elite angler brought to the scales.

Worst on Day One
0.5209 Brent Broderick
0.5804 Grant Goldbeck
0.7570 Dennis Tietje
0.8077 Jonathon VanDam
0.8147 Lee Sisson

Here are the same stats for Day Two:

Best on Day Two
1.8316 Kevin VanDam
1.5769 Greg Vinson
1.5379 Gerald Swindle
1.5117 Edwin Evers
1.4938 Casey Ashley

Worst on Day Two
0.5188 Brent Broderick
0.5570 Boyd Duckett
0.6230 Bradley Hallman
0.6322 Chad Griffin
0.6692 Ryan Said

It's tougher to excel on Days Three and Four. Every angler left fishing is "on them," so the numbers flatten out. Here are the Best of Day Three numbers. There's no point in having a "worst of" since those anglers didn't get to Day Three.

Best on Day Three
1.4287 Steve Kennedy
1.3871 Ish Monroe
1.2956 Kelly Jordon
1.2929 Matt Reed
1.2352 Denny Brauer

As for Day Four, well, unless you're Kevin VanDam, no one gets there often enough to really have meaningful numbers.