Welcome to the frog days of summer

When looking for the perfect pad field this summer, think location, location, location.

It's hot in the Deep South right now. I'm talking melt-the-asphalt-in-the-parking-lot, hot. Hot enough to fry an egg on the back of your neck hot. So hot that I've got "Southco" permanently branded on the back of my leg from sitting on those chrome latches that BassCat is so fond of. Frog time hot!

This time of year, I'm looking for the hottest, stillest, most miserable day you can find, and you should be, too. Those are the days that are perfect for big bass in the lily pads on hollow bodied frogs.

The equipment that you use for this type of fishing is critical. A heavy action rod with enough tip to be able to cast the frog long distances, a medium speed reel with enough power to winch a big fish out of the pad stems and 50- to 65-pound braided line are best. My personal preference is a Falcon Original 7-foot Carolina Lizard Dragger 1 with a Shimano Calcutta 200B and 65-pound Power Pro.

For the frog itself, I prefer the Snag Proof Tournament Series frog. To add weight, I'll use brass bells rather than lead weights. The great thing about the bells is the sound that they make as the frog comes across the top of the pads. It drives the bass wild! You can purchase bells at every craft store, and I keep a selection of sizes to vary the sound and weight.