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Reese challenges anglers to be versatile

Skeet Reese told fans in a B.A.S.S. Twitter chat that being versatile is of utmost importance for anglers.

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With Skeet Reese, there is no one-size-fits-all answer.

Multiple times during his first B.A.S.S. Twitter chat, fans asked him for advice on what lures to use, what to look for and how to catch big bass.

And every time, he told them 'it depends.'

"My whole career is based on versatility," said Reese to one fan. "You throw whatever will catch them at the time."

Reese answered more than 70 questions in only 35 minutes during the chat. The transcript is below, lightly edited for spelling and clarity.

Get his advice from dozens of fan questions below, and view previous Twitter chat transcripts here.

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Bassmaster ‏@BASS_nation

Welcome, @SkeetReese1 to our Twitter chat! Fans, submit your questions now with hashtag #basschat!

Skeet Reese ‏@SkeetReese1

Welcome! Bring on the questions!


John Naughton ‏@JohnnyBasssss

Is there any kind of warranty on your line of wright and McGill rods?

Skeet Reese ‏@SkeetReese1

There's a limited one year warranty, so if you have an issue definitely contact Wright & McGill.

John Naughton ‏@JohnnyBasssss

Thank you!


Nick Spantgos ‏@Be_The_Extreme

Go to bait in water less than 5 feet? Both moving bait and plastic?

Skeet Reese ‏@SkeetReese1

Havoc Pit Boss, Lucky Craft LC 1.5


Tony Arno ‏@Tonester5

What's been toughest for you lately?? Consistency, Keeping Positive, etc...

Skeet Reese ‏@SkeetReese1

Hah, that's a tough question! Consistency in catching fish is always the hard part.


Joe Nelson ‏@Red_Fletch7

Will bass stop mid-spawn if water temps drop or do they continue on through?

Skeet Reese ‏@SkeetReese1

If they haven't dropped eggs then I think they'll pull back out. If they have, I think they'll stay.


blaine freeman ‏@b_free1730

How do you think Kelley Jaye is doing in his first year in the elites? He is good friend of mine that works hard

Skeet Reese ‏@SkeetReese1

I really like Kelley Jaye. He's a great guy, and I think he had the worst luck anyone could have on the Alabama River. I thought he might win it. He's a good fisherman and will do good on tour.

blaine freeman ‏@b_free1730

Thanks Skeet! Yep, he is a jerkbait specialist.


Dillon Taylor ‏@D_Taylor4

If you could go back in time would you still stick with bass fishing as your career?

Skeet Reese ‏@SkeetReese1

Absolutely! 100%.


Mac McBroom ‏@Drumclog

You can only have 1 Lucky Craft lure. What would you choose?

Skeet Reese ‏@SkeetReese1

I'd choose the LV-100.


Zach Meadows ‏@zsmeadows

If you were fishing Smith Mountain Lake within the next few weeks, what would be your game plan?

Skeet Reese ‏@SkeetReese1

My guess is fish have gone deep, so fish a 10-inch Havoc Federale worm & a football jig on deep structure


ShitBassFishermenSay ‏@Crazybassangler

Do you wish there would be more @BASS_nation events out west? & would other anglers be at a disadvantage #ClearWater

Skeet Reese ‏@SkeetReese1

Yeah! I'm waiting for the day @bass_nation will come out West!


Creecy ‏@adamcreecy

Why are oxbows along the Mississippi River full of Cypress Tress, but you dont see many Cypress' on the actual river?

Skeet Reese ‏@SkeetReese1

I don't have the right answer, but I'm guessing it's because the oxbows have been there long enough to grow without current.


Brad Wessling ‏@TreeOfMil

Do you ever get tired of fishing. (Mentally I mean)

Skeet Reese ‏@SkeetReese1

No. At the end of the season, I go fish for salmon, steelhead and tuna just for fun.