Mrs. Swindle whacks a big 'un

Le Ann Swindle
Gerald Swindle
Le Ann Swindle's birthday monster

For her birthday, Le Ann Swindle wanted to go fishing. Plain and simple. Catch some fish and relax.

“She just wanted to go fish and catch a few; she didn’t even care if she got a big one,” Gerald Swindle said. “I called my buddy up who’s got a 30-acre pond in Jasper (Ala.) and asked if I could put my boat in. He said ‘Sure!’ and off we went.”

Throughout the day, the Swindles caught plenty of bass, including a 7- and an 8-pounder. After Gerald caught the 7-pounder, he advised Le Ann to throw her Zoom Big Dead Ringer to the same spot.

“Buddy, when she tossed it in there, I saw the line moving off and knew this was a different class of fish,” Gerald said. “She couldn’t stop the thing and said, ‘I must have it hooked in the side or something!’ I told her there ain’t no way you hooked it in the side, baby, you’re throwing a worm!”

As Le Ann brought her dino-bass to the surface after a nail-biting battle, Gerald lipped it as the hook fell out.

“She said she was a nervous wreck as she fought that thing, and I said, ‘Welcome to my world; do that when it’s all on the line!’” Gerald said. “Nevertheless, she said it was a heckuva birthday, and made sure that I ordered up more Big Dead Ringers for our next trip.”

A 7-foot medium heavy Quantum Smoke rod and 6.3:1 Quantum Exo reel spooled with 16-pound Sunline fluorocarbon helped Le Ann tame the beast.

“I have no idea what it actually weighed, but I caught one about 9 pounds before we left, and that one was a whole lot bigger,” Gerald said. “It was a great day.”