2014 Evan Williams Bourbon Bassmaster Elite at Toledo Bend
Toledo Bend Reservoir - Many, LA, May 1 - 4, 2014

Fantasy: Bandwagon-jumping was no help on Toledo Bend

James Overstreet
Chris Zaldain's big bass on Day 1 made him the second-highest scorer in Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing on Toledo Bend, even though he was mired in Bucket E.

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MANY, La. — The No. 1 lesson from Toledo Bend regarding Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing is that jumping on the bandwagon doesn’t always pay.

No one earned the maximum number of points available at Toledo Bend. Here’s the perfect lineup:

Bucket A: Jacob Powroznik, 310 points

Bucket B: Dean Rojas, 281

Bucket C: Cliff Crochet, 254

Bucket D: Cliff Pirch, 248

Bucket E: Chris Zaldain, 308

Total points: 1,401

The Fantasy Fishing players who hurt themselves the most are the ones who stuck with big familiar names like Edwin Evers and Aaron Martens and neglected the lesser-known pros. The big-name strategy worked at Table Rock, but it did not pay off on Toledo Bend.

Here’s how each bucket fared.

Bucket A: Powroznik

Jacob Powroznik was the best pick by 15 points in Bucket A. And yet, he was the second-least angler owned with only 0.19 percent of fans believing in him.

The highest-owned angler was Todd Faircloth at 25.56 percent. He performed well for his fans, posting a ninth-place finish, but his Fantasy Fishing points at 264 were no match for Powroznik’s 310.

Similarly, Mark Davis had a high ownership (16.92 percent) and finished in fourth, delivering 285 points for his fans.

Like Powroznik, Chad Morgenthaler had very low ownership (0.27 percent), but his second-place finish posted 295 points for his fans. Jared Lintner, at 302 points, scored strong for his small group of owners, only 0.58 percent.

The way to get ahead of the field in Bucket A was to choose Powroznik, Morgenthaler, Lintner or Randall Tharp (4.19 percent with 290 points). The players who picked them eclipsed the majority in the bucket, who chose Faircloth or Davis.

The biggest letdowns (high ownership, low reward) were Greg Hackney (13.64 percent, 207 points) and Aaron Martens (12.61 percent, 169).

Bucket B: Rojas

Dean Rojas made a lot of fans happy in Bucket B. He was the second-highest owned angler, and he posted 281 points, the best of the bucket.

Kevin VanDam was the highest-owned at 28.74 percent, and his 19th-place finish garnered 237 points for his fans. By picking Rojas over VanDam, the Rojas owners earned an extra 44 points.

Randy Howell (11.63 percent ownership) ended with 229 points, and Brent Chapman (10.04 percent) ended with 221.

Fans guessed right by not picking Casey Scanlon or Rick Morris. At only 0.12 and 0.18 percent ownership respectively, they delivered only 83 and 67 points.

Strong picks besides Rojas were Casey Ashley, 3.07 percent, 280 points (only 1 point behind Rojas), and Skeet Reese, 2.88 percent, 272.