2013 Elite Series Ramada Quest Bull Shoals Lake - Bull Shoals, AR, Apr 19 - 22, 2013

Christie takes questions from his boat

Jason Christie said pros on tour don't hesitate to help each other out when needed.

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Bull Shoals champ Jason Christie was practicing today for the Bassmaster Elite Series West Point Lake Battle when he stopped for a while to take questions from fans for the B.A.S.S. Twitter chat. While sitting in his boat, he called in to the B.A.S.S. office to hear what his fans were asking. The question at the time was, "Do all pros get along on the Elite Series?"

Fellow pro Derek Remitz saw what looked like Christie dead in the water, calling in for help.

"You OK?" said Remitz, pulling up to him.

"Yeah, I'm good," answered Christie, laughing. "I'm just doing a Twitter chat."

Christie said that's the type of camaraderie the pros on the tour have. If an angler needs assistance, the others don't hesitate to offer it.

Christie's fans had tons of questions, but pros take their practice periods seriously, so we had to get Christie back to fishing as soon as possible. Below is a transcript of his chat, lightly edited for spelling and clarity.

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Thank you for joining us for the #basschat @christiefishing and congratulations on your recent victory. Fans, ask your questions!

Jason Christie‏@christiefishing

I'm ready for your questions. I'm practicing, so this gives me a chance to eat lunch without being in a hurry for 30 minutes.



When it comes to prespawn fishing what is the most deadly tactic?

Jason Christie‏@christiefishing

I would say a jerkbait, across the country. We just developed one called the Smithwick Perfect Ten & it catches fish


Andy Halford‏@WhackUmProstaff

Jason, first off congrats on the two stellar wins! Favorite Lake? Favorite presentation? Thanks!

Jason Christie‏@christiefishing

@WhackUmProstaff That would be Grand Lake and jerking a Perfect 10. Without a doubt!


Kenneth Gobble‏@kengobble

Hey @christiefishing , What processes do you use to practice for so many tournament circuits?

Jason Christie‏@christiefishing

What I'm doing is physically & mentally demanding. I don't study the lake before getting there, it doesn't work for me. I try to develop what stage they’re in when I get there, & then relate it to patterns & lakes I have fished in the past.


Lane Kindle‏@LaneKindle

Do you consider Bull Shoals to be similar to Tenkiller? How much did that help you there?

Jason Christie‏@christiefishing

It is similar & it helped a lot. The practice I had wasn't good, but the inconsistent weather helped. I just went fishing. On Tenkiller it's the same way. You have to go fishing each day like it's a practice day.


Bradley Corrao‏@StandardTree

How do you practice for a tournament? What baits, how many spots, and how quick do you leave an unproductive area?

Jason Christie‏@christiefishing

I start out with 5-6 rods. If I'm not catching them on my confidence baits, it's the location not the baits. I ask myself if I want to to continue fishing this same stuff for 15 minutes before I move on.


kory scullawl‏@koryscullawl

What do you change first on a competition day not going so hot? Presentation? Depth? Area?

Jason Christie‏@christiefishing

Usually location. If I'm in an area I know that has big fish, I might change baits.


Lane Kindle‏@LaneKindle

Do you have to let your Uncle Goob reel fish in sometimes?

Jason Christie‏@christiefishing

My uncle taught me a lot about fishing & got me hooked!


Haha oh my.I wish he had a Twitter haha


Gary N Upchurch‏@GaryNUpchurch

Jason are you missing practice time to answer Twitter questions?

Jason Christie‏@christiefishing

Yes, but we have a 14-hr practice day so this gives me a chance to eat lunch! It's not too much time for my fans!


Kinsey Cranford‏@kinsemc

Hey, Jason! Are those beef sticks you've been giving away any good?

Jason Christie‏@christiefishing

Absolutely! Most are made out of pork & this one's 80% beef. They're good & 25% goes to charity so you can't beat that.


Curtis Brownlee‏@cdbrownl

Jason could you tell me a good strategy to use to catch bass from middle of the lake?

Jason Christie‏@christiefishing

It's funny how a lot of tournaments are won in the mid-lake area. It's where clear water meets dirty water. It's a broad question, but I look for that area often. It's where the lake meets the river. It's a good mix of water.


Shay Payne‏@ShayPayne

What's for lunch!? I've heard you are not a sandwich guy. Haha

Jason Christie‏@christiefishing

I do have a sandwich! But I'm hooked on "pretty boy bread" thanks to @EdwinEvers2 It's thin and makes a sandwich good.



Congrats Jason on recent wins, will you fish different now that you already qualified for '14 Classic ?

Jason Christie‏@christiefishing

I will, but not a lot different because we always fish to win. But it takes the stress off fishing for points. I'll probably stay with a spot longer rather than leaving to catch a limit