2012 Bass Pro Shops Central Open #1 Lewisville Lake - Lewisville, TX, Feb 9 - 11, 2012

Central Open Quotable

Top overheard lines from Saturday's Central Open weigh-in

James Overstreet
Mike McClelland quipped that his fish were colder out of water.

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Mike Suchan

Mike Suchan

Mike Suchan has been an editor and content producer at Bassmaster.com for nearly a decade. 

With temperatures in the 20s, winds around 30 and a Sunday fish-off to determine the winner of the Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Central Open, there were plenty of quips Saturday.  Here’s the best overheard from the final day weigh-in in the Bass Pro Shops parking lot in Grapevine, Texas.

“Today is a day I would have liked to been in 13th, but I came out and gave my all.”

-- Mark Tucker, on frigid conditions for Saturday’s top 12

“I get to go fish for $500,000, so this lake I can’t complain about.”

-- Tucker, who punched his Classic berth next week on Lewisville last year at the Central Open

 “It might have thawed out.”

-- Co-angler Jeff Randolph, on why Tommy Jonovich’s trolling motor suddenly started working after failing in the morning

“I realized it was cold when I couldn’t unzip my jacket.”

-- Tommy Jonovich

“We had icicles hanging from our nose this morning.”

-- Shawn Temple

 “Some crazy things have happened this week, maybe I can get lucky and squeak this one out.”

-- Brent Chapman, who had the craziest thing happen to him moments later – a fish-off.

 “You don’t have a clue how tough these anglers are. I was a solid sheet of ice. Mike looked over and said, ‘Let’s go fishing.’ ”

-- Co-angler Keith Glasby on fishing with pro Mike MCClelland

“This means the world to me. I just got really lucky. To weigh fish three days in a row in these conditions …  I told myself if I could just weigh one fish today, mission accomplished.”

-- Co-angler winner Keith Glasby

 “It’s just those fish are a lot colder than they have been today. The water temperature is way warmer.”

-- Mike McClelland as his shivering fish slowed the scale reading

“It’s just great to be up here next to Brent. It’s an honor.”

-- Josh Bertrand, who tied with Chapman at 20 pounds, 9 ounces and will compete against him Sunday

 “I was dragging this on the bottom. Everyone else was throwing it up in the water column.

-- Brad Lankford on his 18-1 Thursday, the Luck “E” Strike Heavyweight Award for the heaviest stringer of the tournament, caught with an umbrella rig

“The way it’s been all week for all of us. I was very realistic about it. If it’s going to be my time, it’s going to happen.”

-- Bradley Hallman, who held the lead after Day Two but zeroed Saturday

“We got a little situation right here. We’re going to send them out in about an hour … no.”

-- Tournament director Chris Bowes, getting a rise out of the tied anglers

“I’ve never had one of these before. I was really looking forward to getting some sleep, but I guess I’m going fishing.  How about we go into Bass Pro and have a fish-off in the tank there?”

-- Brent Champman