2011 Bass Pro Shops Northern Open #3 Oneida Lake - Syracuse, NY, Sep 22 - 24, 2011

A real grind

Mark Hicks
Valerie Hicks has her photo taken with Pat Golden.

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Valerie Hicks

Valerie Hicks

Valerie Hicks, daughter of Bassmaster angler Mark Hicks, will join her father blogging about their experiences fishing the Northern Open on Oneida.

After two hours of bouncing on 3-foot waves and being splashed by boat spray, I had dad take me back to the launch ramp. We weren’t catching fish and I was tired.

I have to give kudos to the pros who fish all day for weeks at a time. Tournament fishing is a physical and mental grind. It’s nothing like fishing for fun.

I chilled out at camp. While I was there, I meet Kotaro Kiriyama and his wife. They are so nice! They travel together in a pickup camper.

Koto isn’t fishing the Open tournament. He stopped by on his way home from a tournament at Lake Champlain to have the support crew work on his boat.

Dad came off the water about 6 o’clock. We went straight to Subway. Bass Pro Pat Golden was there. Dad took my picture with him.

I have one question for any women that fish tournaments and compete with the men. Where or how do you go to the bathroom when there’s a strange man in the boat? Please send any suggestions to my Facebook page.