2014 Bassmaster Elite at St. Johns River St. Johns River - Palatka, FL, Mar 20 - 23, 2014

Pick 3: St. Johns River Marshals

Don Barone
3 O'Clock on Wednesday...

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Don Barone

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“What is faith…”

Dateline:  St. Johns River Elite Registration

What if, random, isn’t random at all.

What if, my picks, aren’t my picks at all.

I’ve done Pick 3s many times before, even did a Pick 9 once. I would pick names out of hats, have someone else pick the people to be interviewed, close my eyes and point to a name on the Bassmaster Elite Series Marshal sign-in sheet.

The other day at the St. Johns River Elite event, I did a little bit of all three, wanted to make it as random as possible,


for the life of me, I don’t believe it was.

When you read this, I don’t blame you if you think I set this up, but I didn’t.

When one, allegedly randomly picked Marshal started telling me his story, I froze, or as Paul Elias says, “got instant stupid.”

I’m thinking, simply this: “No way.”

No way this stranger is telling me this story.

Not possible.

How does he,


But first, the long haired dude with a graying beard told me he was from Nashville, Tenn. …cool a music dude,


I was wrong, way wrong.

“…a heart of gold will take you to the rafters…”