KVD vs db: Darts

Bobbie Chapman, Cartoon by Bill McElroy of "Scales and Tales."

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Don Barone

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“You can be the King Kong banging on your chest…”

Dateline: The Service Yard


I know,


the fish feel.

competing, as such,

as they do,



In bowling, two games, I say we tied, he says the first game (that I won) was just a practice game, “Nobody wins practice, db.”

I may give him that, may not, neither one of us were just fooling around, once the pins went down, both of us ramped it up.

I don’t do PRACTICE.

Game on, is always on with me.

And, I know, for him as well.

Next came pool, Billiards, two games, in a 1,000 degree loft in some hotel in Wisconsin.

KVD won the first one.

I won the second, but not without controversy, you can read it here.

So in my mind, we are two-up.


Maybe not so with KVD.

Kevin I’m sure has a whole other count.

Game Three…Darts.

2013, Elite Event #5, The Alabama River, Montgomery, AL.



“…yeah, you could be the greatest…”

His greatest game,

is the Mind Game.

That there KVD.

Half a cardboard box is hanging from the back of the Mercury Service Trailer, affixed to it is a regulation Dart board.

Duct tape on the ground marks the shooting line, “We measured db it is at the exact distance as it says it should be according to the General Dart Rules.”

Jay, one of the service guys comes over and shows me a copy of the rules, I sort of look at it, but knowing the service yard dudes as well as I do, there is no doubt in my mind that everything with this set up is technically…perfect.

For the past several months, Kevin has been hauling around a regulation size dart board amongst the fishing stuff he carries in the back of his truck.

Charles, a good friend of mine in Atlanta, heard about our dart competition and sent me some very cool darts that he bought when he was in a pub in England or Ireland, or quite possibly, Wal-Mart, he told me where a long time ago, but I didn’t write it down, so lets go with foreign pub darts.

Charles, do me a favor if that’s wrong correct it in the comment section of this story.  Truth in Journalism you know.

But to be fair, I didn’t want KVD to go up against my possible REAL been thrown in the Kingdom of Darts, darts, so I bought him some foreign darts as well.

Came from…AMAZON.

Close enuff.

So we, me and Kevin are even up, same playing field, except he has real long skinny arms, and I have short fat stumps for arms.

KVD, drives up in the KVD-mobile, he’s smiling, joking around with the service crew, winking at me all the time.

Acting dart-dumb.

I’m buying none of it.

Juke and Jive all you want dude, you ain’t getting into this head,

unlike others.

KVD:  “There’s no doubt I get into the heads of some of the anglers I compete against, sure it can be an advantage, but on the flip side, I’m not stupid, there is no question I have a bull’s-eye on my back, I’m good with that, I get that.”

Speaking of Bull’s-eye, we are tossing darts, going to have four rounds of tossing the things, KVD has bait stuff to do for tomorrows competition, and my roommates, Shaw Grigsby and Paul Elias are getting hungry.

First round of flinging darts:

KVD…56 points.