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Catching a 12-pound giant on a frog

Jun 27, 2014

Watch as Opens angler Scott McGehee reels in a giant.

Day One weigh-in

Oct 17, 2013

See how the anglers fared Day One on Ross Barnett.

A look at Ross Barnett

Oct 15, 2013

Ross Barnett gives anglers a variety of habitat choices and will prove to be a true test of their skill and decision-making abilities.

Red River: Moving day?

Apr 26, 2013

The second day is typically “moving day” on any Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Open stop. It appears that will be the case again but only to an extent.

Opens: Day One weigh-in

Jan 31, 2013

Despite the cold front, there were big bass to be had at Lake Toho on the first day of the Southern Open!

$20 and a Coke: A different perspective

Dec 2, 2012

In my boat, co-anglers have just three responsibilities....

B.A.S.S. and Scoutlook team up

Aug 13, 2012

Need to know how the weather will affect the bass bite? Let us introduce you to Scoutlook.

Welcome to the frog days of summer

Aug 12, 2012

It's hot in the Deep South right now. I'm talking melt-the-asphalt-in-the-parking-lot hot. Hot enough to fry an egg on the back of your neck hot.

Central Open #3 Day One launch

Oct 20, 2011

Plenty of small fish

Mar 23, 2011

Plenty of small fish to be had on Lake Norman at the 2011 Southern Open #2 in North Carolina