Mike Iaconelli, Best and Worst of '07

The best thing about the 2007 season for me was that even with having one of the worst seasons of my career, I still qualified to fish in the 2008 Bassmaster Classic. The second best thing was the fans and their support.

The worst thing about the 2007 season for me was not being able to win an event. As for the one that got away this year that sticks out in my mind the most it would have to be a fish I had break my line the first day of the Major in North Carolina. I was sight fishing a bedding fish that was spawning under some logs. If I had landed that fish, I would have made the final cut!

When I look back at the one lure that brought me the greatest amount of success it would have to be the Ikey Head/Berkley Beast combination. The Ikey Head is a specialized jig head I designed for Tru Tungsten. When paired with the smaller Berkley Beast it glides naturally through the water. That bait bailed me out of some really challenging conditions.

The most memorable meal I ate during the 2007 season would be a toss-up between the greasy cheeseburger I had at Whataburger or the ham and cheese omelet I had at the Waffle House in Guntersville, Ala. Mmmm good!