Fish New York's Niagara River

Of the 22.5 million people who visit Niagara Falls each year (it’s the No. 5 most popular tourist destination in the world), almost none will take the time to look beyond the water crashing at its rocky base to see the monumental smallmouth fishery that exists there. This quaint town, situated five miles below the falls and five miles from the mouth of Lake Ontario, is a bass fisherman’s paradise.

The Niagara River is better known for its coldwater species, which is just fine for local bass anglers who have the dense population of brown bass almost all to themselves. And don’t think these are small river fish, either. A 6-13 bruiser was caught here last year, and 5-pounders abound. Focus from Devil’s Hole to the sandbar at the mouth of Ontario and watch out for the jet boats heading to the falls. They’re looking to get wet.

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