Fish New York's Adirondack Mountain Lakes

This region of upstate New York is heaven to Alpine skiers and world famous for the powdery, scenic trails and courses adored by those who participate in this sport. The Adirondack chairs built here have a pretty strong following, as well. However, once the snow melts and the many lakes in this area become free of ice, the bass come out of hibernation and are willing to bite.

Perhaps one of the most serene and remote places where both smallmouth and largemouth lurk in the state, you are as likely to stumble upon a moose here as another angler.

What will shock fishermen is the personality of some of the lakes. Some will look like you’re in South Florida, shallow and full of submerged vegetation; while others will be gin clear, deep and rocky. Here, you will find a small lake nestled against a towering mountain range that will fit your style of fishing, and you will likely be the only person there casting for bass.

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