The definitive guide to removing a stray hook

Before we go any further, let's start with: Do not try this at home!

(Not that you would want to stab your flesh with barbed metal, but just in case ...)

You never know when you might get stuck — hard — with a fish hook. And if you do, we feel like you need to know how to remove it.

Kevin Newell of is kind enough — and apparently tough enough — to stick himself with hooks to show you different ways of removing them. In this first one, he demonstrates pushing the hook through and mashing down or cutting off the barb; ripping the hook out; and removing the hook using the string method.

But — ouch! — the string method doesn't work. So he sticks in another hook.

Disappointed with the results, Newell did another video focusing on the string removal method, with better success.

"When you have to take a fish hook out of yourself, there's not going to be an easy way," said Newell. "Do it safely, do it quickly and get the wound sanitized as fast as possible."

Have you ever had a painful hook experience? How did you get the hook out?

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