Britt Myers: Vehicle Additions That Make Sense

In addition to being one of the rising stars on the Bassmaster Elite Series, Britt Myers has another distinction: He has customized the tow vehicles of many of his peers. The North Carolina pro owns CS Motorsports, a one-stop shop for any vehicle owner's needs, and he has become something of a truck guru for the tour.

He stocks hundred of options, some cosmetic, some functional, some both. That variety makes it hard for the weekend angler to pick out which should be priorities in outfitting the boat-hauler.

Myers has some suggestions:

"Fuel mileage is the No. 1 thing everybody asks about," he says. "We put so many miles on our trucks that it has to be a priority." Gas may be in the $2 to $3 range right now, but the days of $4 gallons aren't that far in the past, and they might return with little warning. Accordingly, the cost of a fuel-saving add-on could pay for itself, probably sooner rather than later.

Myers most requested mileage enhancers are computer power programmers. "That's where most people start," he says. But many of Myers' customers find that a multiple-pronged approach to the problem provides maximum bang for their buck. In those cases, they might begin with an intake system that "allows the engine to breathe more air." After that, they'll add a customized exhaust system.

With all three accessories in place, Myers says it is possible to gain 6 or 7 miles to the gallon. He encourages anglers to choose only recognized name brands' aftermarket items, cautioning that if you use an off-brand product or ramp up the truck's horsepower too drastically, you could raise a red flag should you later encounter any problems and try to cash in on the truck's warranty.

Aware that a truck can be an extension of some men's personalities, Myers is certainly a fan of cosmetic enhancements. "If you look good, your confidence will go up, and you'll fish better," he says. However, he's also pragmatic when it comes to spending other people's money. For some travelers, a good navigation system is the first place they should look to upgrade.

For others, he recommends an easy to install reverse camera. It's great if you have a partner who is not comfortable backing up your trailer — one avoided miscue and it has paid for itself — but it also pays off for even the most experienced trailer jockey.

"You can back right up to your boat and hook it up without having to go back and forth 10 times," Myers says. "That's especially valuable if it's raining, or when you're in a motel parking lot and you have to back it around some cars or other obstacles. You can get it right the first time, every time."

While his company motto of "Go Fast, Look Good" sells products to car freaks and gadget junkies, even the most jaded "Point A to Point B" vehicle owner can invest in a few aftermarket "toys" as a means of saving money, increasing performance, and extending a tow vehicle's life.

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